Chinese search conglomerate Baidu announced to launch a Cloud ROM based on deep customization of Android 4.0, the latest mobile OS from Google, its largest competitor in China’s search market.

Prior to the launch, Baidu has signed up Dell and Changhong as manufacturing partners to make devices – Dell Streak Pro D43 and Changhong H5018 – based on Baidu’s mobile OS effort. Given the facts that both the two partners are sort of out of the league in the smartphone world, it’s not a surprise to see Baidu making a ROM for mainstream smartphone holders’ consideration.

Xiaomi’s MIUI, which is also based on Android (2.3 and 4.0), is probably one of the most popular Android ROMs in the planet with fans all over the world. A new version of MIUI is scheduled to be released on Fridays, while Baidu made a promise to update its Cloud ROM every other week.

MIUI to date supports Xiaomi, Google Nexus, HTC, Samsung, MOTO, Huawei, LG, ZTE, Sony and Meizu android phones, while the Cloud ROM’s official site says currently it only supports Google Nexus S with wider supports to be made available in the coming months.

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