Local news broke that Quixey just secured US$ 24.2 million in the second round from Atlantic Bridge Capital, SK Telecom, TransLink with participation of previous investors including US Venture Partners, WIHarper and Innovation Endeavors.

One potential tiresomeness coming along with the mobile app proliferation, is that with so many choices it’s very hard to find what just fits you. Quixey, on the other hand, smartly addresses the problem by asking “what do you want to do” and then giving accordingly app recommendations based on what you’re up to. And you need not to worry about which platform the app is on. Tomer Kagan, founder and CEO of the company, said, “Quixey is the only app search engine that connects people and apps regardless of platforms and devices”.

Basically, Quixey pulls different data like blog posts, discussions, social media contents from web and use the data to analyze what a specific app is capable of while normally search engine only reads the description in App Store. These data could well be used to help user quickly find the most suitable app for them. Imagine of yourself trying a flurry of apps before finding the perfect one. It could be horrible.

For example, by typing into the search box “find restaur…”, the dropbox menu then would lead you to apps that could locate restaurant around you. (pictured below)

screenshot of Quixey

Currently, Quixey can search apps on a wide variety of platforms including Android, iOS, Facebook, Windows, Blackberry, Chrome Web Store, Firefox Add-ons, Mac, Symbian and Salesforce.

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