Finally it’s Dangdang’s turn to do so, the Chinese B2C site reportedly just launched a new service dubbed Dangdang Share to tap into the Pinterest fever over here. Over the course of past few months, we’ve seen numerous new startups doing Pinterest or big companies making similar service on top of existing offerings, like Taobao Wow (lately pivoted to Taobao Love) and Renren Guangjie.

Dangdang share is still in beta testing, it centered around on book sharing in the beginning. And of course the classical waterfall layout is all over the place (pictured below).

Hu Yi, head of Dangdang’s mobile Internet business believed that Dangdang users have the urge to share and recommend items they bought since it’s very natural for them to share.

Well, that’s exactly what Dangdang thought about when they tried to make a book rating and review service to combat Douban. Li Guoqing, founder and chairman of Dangdang, once said that Dangdang was working on something similar to Douban, so he advised Douban’s investor sell the company otherwise in a year the online community would become a ghost town.

Today Douban is still alive and kicking whereas Dangdang’s booking rating community has been totally muted in the wind.

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