Ever since Fab.com made its name with the flash sale model, we’ve witnessed some of its alternations sprang up in China, while the latest one of those caught our eye, is 51yugou.com, which just went online about two months ago.

In general, it’s website resembles the feel of Fab.com, with some differentiations. For example, the service which has its own buying team in Seoul, Hong Kong, Japan, Taiwan and Holland added a Voting section where users can vote for their favorite product so the company could decide on what to sell based on customer feedbacks.

Voting up an item you like is easy, just click on the heart-shaped icon will do.

It’s current offerings covers a wide range from artistry items, kitchen supplies, furniture, accessories, stationary, gadgets, pet supplies, lamps, gifts and so on. You can filter the site to see what fit you by categories, price range and even color.

Hiris Tam, CEO of the site doesn’t think they’re just another clone of Fab, his goal is to “surpass Fab.com in every way.”

51yugou.com links its account to a bunch of popular SNS in China, including Sina Weibo, QQ account, Douban and Taobao. It also rewards users with cash for inviting their friends.

At least for the time being, it seems that the site still couldn’t keep up with its American counterpart in terms of inventory and variety.

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