Tencent, the largest Chinese Internet company by market cap just debuted a major revamp of its homepage with simplified layout and deeper integration of the company’s social network offerings like Tencent Weibo, QZone and Pengyou.

On the new homepage, a big Soso-powered search box is placed right next to the logo of QQ.com, highlighting the importance of Soso Tencent’s search effort.

A small toolbar that integrated QQMail, QZone, Pengyou and Tencent Weibo is pinned on the top right corner, where you’ll get real-time notification across these sites.

In the middle of the homepage, people who logged in will see the stock trends of their own picks, new episodes from their most watched shows on Tencent Video and so on.

The overhaul implied that Tencent again led its peers in riding the trends of personalization of Internet. These new personalized modules cater to everyone’s needs and then display suitable contents to them accordingly. Unlike the previous version where different people see the same old thing, now different people log into QQ.com and then will discover contents curated just for them.

Chinese portal site’s homepage has long been criticized for too long too messy that sometimes chokes people’s eyes. Refer to Sina and Sohu if you want to see for yourself, and hopefully Tencent is making a great start that people would follow. Stop choking our eyes!

screenshot of Tencent’s new homepage

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