Guess many people should’ve seen a video featuring an infant playing around with an iPhone without any difficulty, intuitive touch screen devices like iPhone and iPad are not just for adults but also could be used – especially iPads – for child’s education. As you might’ve noticed, under the Education categories of Apple’s App Store, apps for child’s education accounted for half of the Top 12.

Over the past years people have been seeing more and more young parents who are geekheads themselves in tier-1 and tier-2 cities of China are considering using iPad for children education purpose. The only problem for them, is to find the proper and right apps to meed their demands, like one app that can read ancient Chinese poems to kids, the other one that can sing to them, and another one that teaches them how to draw a nice picture.

China’s southeastern Fujian-province-based NetDragon spotted the trends and opportunities. As the company’s latest earnings report shows that, it’s subsidiary 91 Wireless is working on a 91 Assistant Kids Apps Center in an aim to focus on recommending apps curated for children.

The iOS version of the app center accumulated more than 2 million downloads in just one month after being available for download. It’s PC client was made available in this June, and an Android version is also expected to be launched soon.

According to who is overseeing the effort, these apps will be focusing on integrating as many resources as they can and then distribute them to parents who are in need of them. He also said that Boyuan Wireless, the company behind 91 Wireless are profitable right now, but they’re still exploring the most suitable business model of mobile Internet.

 91 Assistant is better positioned in this effort as the service, being the first of its kind in China, has spread quickly among iPhone users. Joe Hu, CFO of the company once mentioned that as of now, 70-80% of iPhone fans in China, or 12-13 million people, use 91 Assistant to download applications onto their mobile phone.

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