8864, a mobile app aiming at helping people find the best bus routes, just announced hitting 5 million downloads.

Why the name 8684? “86” is the telephone country code for China, and “84″ stands for “bus”(in Chinese “84” pronounces like “bus”). Tianqu Technologies, the Guangzhou-based startup behind the app is currently looking for a new round of funding.

8684 is available for both iOS and Android devices, and the 30,000 entries of bus information provide by it cover 446 Chinese cities. Every day the app timely updates over 300 routes in 20 cities. Apart from the routes and maps, based on GPS it can also keep track and remind you of the whereabouts of your bus. What’s more, the service now can be used offline as well.

Xia Tiantian, founder of 8684, said that in the upcoming version there’ll be some UI improvements. A bunch of new features like showing live location of the bus, stop reminding and more will also be added to the app.

Xia said that 8684 is targeting at 10 million downloads by the end of this year. “We are now looking for a new round of funding.” He also revealed.

Last month the China southern-based startup just had its first birthday, the nascent company had released a flurry of transportation service products, like 8684Train, 8684Metro, and was planning on 2 to 3 more by year’s end.

Photo Credit: NetEase

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