Chinese mobile ads platform Guohe just earned itself a top award at the Smarties(TM) 2012 China ceremony of the Mobile Marketing Association for its Starbucks Crhistmas promotion case that calls on tens of thousands of young Chinese people to flock into Startbucks to tweet and check in at the coffee franchise for a yuletide drink upgrade.

Guohe won both the Gold Award for Mobile Interaction and Special Gold Award of all categories, which means Guohe will get to introduce their Chinese wireless marketing case studies to the rest of the world.

How did Guohe make this happen? Well, the mobile ads company got started a two-week-long “Let’s Merry” campaign by baking banners ads featuring Starbucks into some quality Chinese mobile apps ranged from magazine app Business Value, Weico a iOS client for Chinese Twitter Sina Weibo to China’s Foursquare Jiepang. The ads called upon users to change the default app theme to a Starbucks theme by downloading a “Let’s Merry” app skin and to use social media sharing and LBS check-in functions to spread the words.

Users could easily check in at a Starbucks using Jiepang, and message their friends using Sina Weibo. Guohe took the “Let’s Merry” campaign one step further by integrating yet another medium: Outdoor ads placements. A large electronic billboard at Raffles City in Shanghai lit up with special Christmas wishes enabled once enough people had checked in on the Starbucks ad.

During the promotion, total Starbucks brand exposure totaled 4.6 million impressions. 670,000 people participated in the promotion. 450,000 users downloaded the “Let’s Merry” branded app skin. 40,000 tweeted about Starbucks, 60,000 checked in via Jiepang, 27,000 downloaded the Starbucks badge via Jiepang for an upgraded Starbucks drink, and as many as 21,000 people followed Starbucks in a single day.

Starbucks said that the campaign was the very first trial for them as well to integrate mobile advertising in our marketing matrix, and was impressed by its efficiency in converting mobile users into actual consumers. Neo Zhang, co-founder of Guohe Ad said that the Beijing-based would keep on innovating and bringing more new and fresh ad formats for advertisers and mobile media.

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