Jiepang just updated its API platform to provide improved POI data and algorithm that developers could better tap into. The new categorized sorting method coming along with the revamped API will significantly accelerate the growth of location-based startup apps. Meanwhile Jiepang now supports contents synced from 3rd party app, which allows users of 3rd party apps to post locations and pictures to Jiepang. Not only does Jiepang shares it’s POI data, but also opens a door for partners to capitalize on its 3.3 million users.

Jiepang as of now has partnered with hundreds of popular social media apps such as Weico, a 3rd party app for Sina Weibo, and Camera 360, etc. Weico integrated Jiepang into its app so people who use Weibo can check into their whereabouts directrly from Weibo, the quite popular Sina Weibo mobile client.

Weico co-founder and business development director fu Jingnan thought that the update has presented a better playground for the Chinese LBS service through the new API platform.

Over the past months Jiepang has been seeing fast growth of POI (points of interests, 2500 being created per day) as well as the picking up of active users who’re dedicated to improve the quality of each POI.

Yang Yuancheng, co-founder of Jiepang said that the service now has over 2 million POIs under its belt, the number is growing at about 14k per week.

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