Founded 2009, WebGeek Philippines, is a community that serves as a venue for Geeks, Developers, Startups and Tech Enthusiast in Philippine. WebGeek has organized and hosted several major events over the past years as part of WebGeek advocacy to create a thriving community of like-minded tech and startup devotees.

Pinged by John Arce, founder of WebGeek Philippines,

On August 25, 2012, WebGeek Philippines will bring you the WebGeek DevCup, an all-day hackathon extravaganza that will give rise to the most creative and most skillful team to deliver the best web application.

John told us, “in this day-long hackathon, each team will be given six hours to develop a web application based on the theme to be given that day. Presentations will be delivered from 8:00 PM to 10:00 PM. During this time, teams are expected to have accomplished a web app that will either be fully or partially functional. The web apps will be evaluated according to technical complexity, user experience, social relevance, and originality. The panel of judges consists of seasoned gurus in the field of web application development. Registered participants only need to bring their own laptop and development tools (pre-packaged libraries, widgets, and frameworks), and Internet connection, power, space, food, and drinks will be provided.”

The details about this hackathon and registration can be found here.

If you are not that familiar with Philippine startup scene, we highly suggest you read this great post on SGEntrepreneurs.

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