As global smartphone penetration keeps accelerating, more and more people do almost everything that they can with PC before with mobile now. Witnessing the trend in shifting from desktop to mobile, a lot of enterprises raced to launch their own mobile sites, with mixed results.

Creating websites for mobile devices has been proved to be a tedious and frustrating experience, as mobile devices come in numerous screen size and resolution, varied computing power and mobile Internet access. New York-based startup bMobilized is aiming to tackle all these itches with its instant mobile site making solution.

Feeding it with the domain name of your desktop site, the service would automatically analyze the layout – it claimed to use 300 different algorithms to identify and analyze the different parts of the website – and then generate a mobile site that fits on all major devices. bMobilized also provides a easy-to-use Customization Suite in case you’re not totally satisfied with the mobile site it produces, or just want to make some changes to it. You can edit, create or replace menus and submenus, or adjust menu color schemes and designs. You can also create a unique mobile logo, color scheme, or style sheet (CSS), mobile headers and footers. With the tool one can hands down customize a nice looking mobile website.

For now, bMobilized claimed its Mobile Engine could detect more than 13,000 combinations of handsets and browsers, including iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Nokia, Motorola, and Sony Ericsson. So regardless of how customers views a company’s mobile site, the layout would always be optimized for best look.

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