I met Yilun Zhang and Aidan Nulman, co-founders of Fleetbit couple days ago in Beijing as they flew over here to take part in an investor-pitch product-launch startup competition focusing on “cloud computing areas”, the competition is part of a bigger plan charted by local government of Harbin, the capita city of China’s northeastern Heilongjiang province. Harbin is looking to turn itself into some sort of a cloud computing innovation center of China.

Speaking of Fleetbit, the Canada-based company provides a solution that helps cab companies work more efficient, rather than usually just an app to connect cab drivers and passengers. Just like it said on its website, Fleetbit is more than an app.

With Fleetbit’s solution, cab companies can have apps customized for them with their brand recognition and then sent out to passengers, saving them a lot of troubles of either in-house developing or outsourcing it. Fleetbit app could be integrated into cab companies’ existing dispatch systems to attract new customers, strengthen your brand, and increase customer retention. It currently supports multiple platforms like Blackberry, iPhone and Android. It also has a web version that passengers could use to book the car online.

And on the consumer side, passengers get to book cab services from and then pay with their mobile upon receiving the service. Meanwhile, passengers can use the app to rate drivers and their services. Tapping into these ratings could help fleet operators keep drivers accountable and motivated, improving overall customer service, according to Fleetbit.

Yilun said that Fleetbit has teamed up with some local fleets in Canada, where the company headquartered. I guess Beijing could really use their service as the city is notoriously famous now for its huge traffic and big jam from time to time.

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