Alibaba’s B2C subsidiary Tmall just revealed its score card for the first half of this year: total turnover hit RMB 20 billion, up 200% yoy. It is estimated that by year’s end the number will exceed RMB 50 billion.

Let’s walk through the dazzling numbers. In Q1, Tmall’s turnover was merely RMB 8 billion, and then with the grand B2C price war starting since May, the number rose to 12 billion in Q2.

It seems that 3C products are to take the credits. Tmall held a flurry of promotional sales in H1, while most were 3C products. On the platform, sales of Haier, the Chinese electronic appliance group jumped by 600%, kitchen appliances Fotile also saw a rise by 230%. What’s more, on June 18 report showed sales of laptops soared by 600%, DC by 300%, and tablets by 400%. As to the popular items, 20 million iPhone4S were sold at the price of RMB4499 (the lowest price online as promoted), and 50 million iPad2 were sold out.

Thanks to Tmall, many appliances brands have found a new market. Currently Tmall has partnered with thousands 3C companies home and abroad including Lenovo, IBM, HP, Apple, Samsung, Sharp and so on.

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