More and more Chinese tech companies are doing their could storage services including Sina, Baidu, Tencent, Kingsoft, to name just a few. But that make sense as the storage offering has something to do with their core business, like Sina Weibo and Sina’s VDisk. Weibo user could upload a file to the VDisk and then circulate the link among his/her friends. And now even the B2C e-commerce site want to have a try. In mid July, etailer 360Buy secretly launched its “JBOX”.

The company kept a low profile on this new product: There is no link on the homepage, but just a JBOX link in the left column of the home page after logging in. It is believed that 360Buy does not release the business to compete with others in those Chinese Dropbox-clones like Kanbox or Yunio. As a B2C service, it is more believable that JBOX is a tool for strengthening the user stickiness of 360buy’s ebook business as well as other digital service. Earlier this year, the company opened its e-book channel providing over 80,000 kinds of books.

Currently JBOX is only available to VIP and users of its ebook service. It is interesting that when regular users fail to login, they will be redirected to the e-book channel saying “Come on buy your e-books here.” 360Buy has been famous for its bold inputting regardless of profits, this time the accessorial service for e-book channel seems like another huge input.

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