Chinese search giant Baidu just hosted a Summer Party to award its staff with chicken wings, and more than US$ 3 million.

This award was first put forwarded by Li in 2010 for rewarding staff from basic levels. The winner should be a less-than-10-people team who has made innovative and great contributions to some significant projects. The winner of last year had won the prize of over million dollars. “Any team who can be of this excellence will be rewarded. If there are ten great teams, we will award ten prizes, there should be no limits in number.” said Li.

This year the champions go to the ‘Server Potential Motivation”, “Accurate Key Words Matching of Baidu Union”, and “Customized Advertising Strategy of Phoenix Nest” teams, in which 28 staff participated. People have been amazed at the attractive incentives of the company. “Small team and big project make legends”, “Only technology counts”, some had commented.

This awards is part of the talents training mechanism of the giant Baidu, Li revealed many times in public speeches that how to make the excellent people work even better is what he’s been thinking of. “I just feel so happy to award you guys, because that means we are making advances and we are getting stronger. How I wish that next year I can hand even more prizes to you, till I cannot feel my hand!” Li inspired the staff.

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