This post is about the B2C eCommerce market in China, but nothing technical and I don’t even feel I am writing a tech-related post… well, you may take it as a drama.

Believe or not, starting at 9am today (15th August, 2012), several major B2C sites will cut down the price of all home appliance, and everyone promises they will offer the cheapest price. In the bloody price ware, one side is 360buy, and the other is the union of Suning, Gome, DangDang and 51buy.

360buy – Starting from 9am, we promise all home appliance sold on 360buy will be cheaper than Suning. If Suning dares to set the price of any product to RMB1.00, we will sell it for FREE;

Suning – 9am, 15th August 2012, we promise any product sold by Suning including home appliance will be cheaper than 360buy. If you find out the price of any product is higher than the one on 360buy, we can change it at once. And if you have bought that product at the higher price, you can get refund with twice of the price.

Gome – Starting at 9am, we promise the price of any product sold on Gome online shop will be 5% cheaper than 360buy.

DangDang – Today, we will fight together with Gome, against 360buy.

51buy – All price will be cut down from 9am. Starting from September, we promise any product sold on 51buy will be cheaper than 360buy.

So it seems that 360buy has pissed off everyone. But don’t ask me why, it just happens…like this.

You never know eCommerce can be so entertaining, don’t you? Anyway, make sure your wallet is ready and check out these sites at 9am. Hopefully you can even get something for FREE.

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