Anipang, the Korea’s mobile social puzzle-3 type puzzle game was launched on July 30, 2012. Only took ~20 days, Anipang has reached 2.5m installs and 1.5m DAU. It’s now the No.2 on the Top Grossing Apps and No.1 on the Top Free Apps in Google Play Korea. “No ads, No cross promotion, just by word of mouth online and invites using Kakao’s social graph, we are very surprised and excited to see the super-fast growth of Anipang.” Angus Lau, the business development VP of SundayToZ, the owner company of Anipang told us.

SundayToZ is the leading social games developer in Korea. Established in 2009, SundayToz games have been played by 7 Million users in South Korea and abroad. In the past year, the company have shifted focus from web to mobile social games. It currently offers six different games, including the hit title Aqua Story, which has over 3 Million users on both social networks and mobile platform.

Angus told us, Anipang is not a brand new title but rather a re-release of an earlier title the company launched in Cyworld in 2010.  “On Cyworld, there has been 400,000 installs since the game first released in 2010, but since we released the new Anipang on Kakao’s game center on July 30, it only took ~15 days to reach 1m installs and ~20 days to get 2.5m. ”

KakaoTalk, the very popular mobile messaging apps claims over 50m users from the world (mainly from Korea) recently launched its game center (for Android at this moment) where mobile social games can be hosted and take the advantage of Kakao’s social graph.

As we reported, Kakao’s also invested by Tencent which owns a similar Weixin (aka, WeChat). If you ever questioned about Weixin’s business model, given Weixin’s 120m registered users, obviously it could do a better job once its game center launched.

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