Tencent TV Is OUT! Tencent and TCL Present A Smart Screen, Named iCE Screen

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ice-screen-tcl-tencent Tencent said it would not make smart phone, and it might be true. But it does not mean Tencent does not want to enter Hardware market. Instead of jumping into the messy smart phone market, Tencent smartly picked the one Steve Job also loved, the TV. Today, Tencent and TCL held an event together presenting a new super gadget named iCE Screen, a 26 inch smart TV.

iCE Screen runs a highly customised Android-based system (Android 2.2) which integrates Tencent’s popular services, Video Chat, Online Video, Music, Games and Photo Album. It also comes with an App Store where you can download hundreds of applications from third parties.

Some hardware specifications:

  • CPU – Duo-core Cortex-A9 1G
  • GPU – GPU Mali 400 with OpenGL ES 2.0
  • Screen resolution –  1366*768
  • RAM – RAM:768M; FLASH 512M
  • USB2.0 slots x 2, HDMI x 1,  SD card slot x 1

iCE Screen is now available to buy on QQBuy and the price is set to a very attractive price rmb 1999 (almost half of the price of the New iPad 16G).