Umeng Data Insight Report Q2 2012: There Is One Samsung Phone in Every 4 Android Phones in China

Umeng, the Beijing-based leading and largest provider of mobile app analytics and developer services in China, just released its Data Insight Report for Q2 2012.

The report gives a very informative overview of current iOS and Android market in China. Here are some highlights:

    • In Q2 of 2012, the growth rate of active iOS and Android devices in China is higher than that globally.
    • iPhone4S share in China grew 4.6% and is projected to become the main iPhone model. As of end June, despite its not being launched in China the new iPad share still increased to 13.5%.
    • Samsung has been the top brand for Android device in China, with one Samsung device for every 4 Android devices. HTC and Moto take the 2nd and 3rd place.
    • Samsung Galaxy Ace, Motorola Defy, Xiaomi Phone, HTC Incredible and Samsung Galaxy SII are the Top5 Android phone in China, local brands ZTE and Huawei are also getting popular.
    • Android 4.0 is now the most active Android version in China with share in Q2 grew 2.8 times, rising to 8.9%.
    • The number of smart phone users is growing rapidly in 2nd and 3rd tier cities in China. The Android usage in particular has caught up with top tier cities.

The full report can be download via here on Slideshare (Note, you need VPN to access from China).