Vancl Tightened The Belts And Cut Down on Ads

The great input in marketing surely will become a big burden for the bleeding fighters in the ever-lasting B2C war. Recently Vancl, the Beijing-based apparel B2C decided to stop squandering by putting on a more economical marketing budget.

Back at the beginning of 2011, the founder Chen Nian once boasted that the company would spend RMB 1billion in total on ads. “Celebrity endorsement has just cost millions RMB, but there is more to come in the future series of promoting”, Wang Chunhuan, SVP of the company, said in a recent interview. She also revealed that last year the company actually had spent about RMB 500 million on advertising.

The cut-down will first being with ads on portals and vertical sites and outdoor ads at bus stops and metro stations. According to Wang, the effect of the previous marketing input will still last for some time, thus the retreat won’t affect its traffic for now.

Last year, Vancl rolled out a series of eye-catching advertisements all over major Chinese cities featuring controversial celebrities and funny slogans, which became a hot topic and generated a lot of buzz. The company has finished six rounds of fund raising by now.

screenshot of VANCL