18th August, 2011 Tudou, the respected leading online video company got listed on NASDAQ; 21 August, the merge of YouKu and Tudou has been approved; 24 August 2012, th trading of Tudou on NASDAQ is suspended; 00:34 of 24th August 2012, Gary Wang, the cofounder and CEO of Tudou said on its weibo, quite emotionally,

7-years old Tudou, is going to retire tonight. Thanks to everyone for every piece they’ve left in this story… I will see you in next interesting dream.

Last time I spoke to Gary is back to 2011, 18th August, hours before Tudou’s IPO. He said, “I am very excited and also very looking forward to the new journey for Tudou.” And I guess few people could expect the new journey would only last one year. Not sure if it’s good ending for Tudou, probably only Gary can tell.

According to some report, with the merge, Youku side will take 71.5% share of the new company and the rest 28.5% is for Tudou. Gary will be the board member of the new company for a year, but will not be involved with any daily operation, in other words, Gary actually retires too.

The industry cheers the merge because the new company is clearly the leading online video company in China which could largely bring down the cost of video content. Anyhow, we will see how it goes soon in near future.

Gary, is one of few Chinese entrepreneurs I truly respect, he is a poet rather than a business man, which make him very unique in Chinese internet.  Take care, man! We really looking forward to seeing your new dream.

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