SmartMouse is an application (available on iOS, Android and Windows desktop) which can easily turn your smart phone into a super wireless multi-touch magic mouse.

It’s quite easy to use. First install SmartMouse client on both PC and smart phone, and then connect two devices by WiFi or Bluetooth. Then like using Macbook’s multi-touch trackpad, you can just lay your fingers on your smart phone screen to tap, double-tap or tap with two fingers (to simulate the Right Click) to remote control your PC. It’s very handy!

And what SmartMouse can do is more than that. It also developed some finger gestures to cater to different situations. When doing presentations, you can slide on the phone to turn to the next page on screen. When browsing websites, you can roll the web pages with two fingers sliding up and down. It’s also convenient to do simple action such as switching off and stand-by your PC. With SmartMouse, transferring files between your smart phone and PC become deadly easy, just more your finger and tap to choose the files and send. You may check the video demo below.

SmartMouse looks tiny but is a really cool application. It’s good for those lazy guys who like to connect his PC with bigger screen like TV to watch movies, so they can just sit in their sofa and remote control it with smart phones; it is also useful when we’re giving presentations. It also reminds us of previously covered app called WoAiDianShi (literally meaning I love TV) which’s fantastic as it changes a mobile phone into a TV remote. Smart phones are dominating the market now, but obviously besides making call and taking photos etc, there are still lots to discover what we can do with them.

SmartMouse is developed by Beijing Ti Qu Network & Technology co., LTD, a self-funded team of ten people based in Beijing.

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