Report: Chinese Mobile Browser Users Reached 278 Million

The latest data from China Internet Network Information Center(CNNIC) showed that by this June Chinese mobile browser users have hit 278 million, and this number has covered 71.7% of the total mobile internet users. UC Browser still is the most popular one sharing 54.1% market share, and the followings are cellphone built-in browsers(47.2%), QQ plug-in browser(34.4%) and QQ browser(33.2%).

Mobile Browser Market Share 


Education Background of Mobile Browser Users(Red) and All Mobile Internet Users(Blue) 


Primary              Junior High               Senior High          Junior College       Undergraduate/above

User Profile

The whole mobile browser user group tend to be male, young, and have lower-level of education. While compared to the whole mobile internet user community, the former group tend to be more educated and well-paid. This report mainly focuses on the variant of age, education and income showing the user profile of this group.

Accordingly, teenagers, young men and the middle-aged compose the key user group(in which 60.5% are male), and the young group aging 20 – 29 cover 39.6% of all.

Most users have the educational background of junior high and high schools, and the percentage is respectively 33.0% and 34.2%.

In terms of income, users who earn < RMB 500, RMB 2001-3000, and RMB 3001-5000 a month are most frequently seen, which cover 17.0%, 17.0% and 16.5% separately.

On average 76.4% of the mobile browser users live in cities. Moreover, students and high-end users(company staff or administrators) share a higher percentage.

User Behavior

Browser is still the main entrance to the mobile internet, almost 70% of all use it every day, and 51.2% use it many times per day. And search engines are best friends to the mobile sites for approximately 80.5% of the users access to websites on mobile through search engines, 54.7% through search boxes.

Apart from just browsing, almost half of the users will resort to other functions offered by the browsers including reading novels(51.0%), downloading apps, games on its own platform(48.5%), or check weather, movie tickets and phone bills(45.0%).

Notably that security issue has become users’ concern since 31.6% of the users claimed this is one very factor they would consider in choosing browsers. Other factors include convenience(62.6%), and the browsing speed(42.4%).