It seems that now mobile applications can do almost everything for tourists, from booking hotel, checking flight status before your departure to sharing feeling/experience during and after the trip. Being a tourist basically means you are on the move, which makes Travel the perfect target market for mobile internet service.

If you are travelling in China, TouchChina is such an application worths you give a try. It acts like a personal tour guide offering details of tourist attractions and things to see and to do, and you no longer need to struggle with maps or paper printed guidebook. TouchChina currently has coverage of places of interest in major cities of China, Beijing, Shanghai, HK, etc.

TouchChina offers not only maps of sites, but also routes. It even contains vocal guides for some tourist places that talk to you like a virtual guide. All you need is to download data packages of tourist attractions in TouchChina app. Besides basic maps and introductions of tourist attractions, it also pinpoints hotels, bars, restaurants, car parks etc. TouchChina can also enable you discover those historical places around your familiar surroundings.

What counts most for travel guide applications is rich information about scenic sites. Before launching TouchChina, the developer of TouchChina has released a couple of apps for different tourist places separately. With large amount of interesting data accumulated by those apps,  the team decided to integrate all data into one app which becomes the TouchChina.

TouchChina is developed by a Beijing-based team with <30 staff. The startup was funded by angel investment in June, 2011, and we were informed by the founder that A-round funding is in negotiation now.

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