App DuDuJiaoChe Aims At Solving Taxi-Riddle in China

For people living in giant Chinese cities – say Beijing, hailing a taxi in the busy streets could be a desperate experience. DuDuJiaoche, a mobile app is aiming at solving the taxi-riddle in Chinese metropolis.

Out of the three major types of car-centered startups in China currently, namely focusing on either taxi or private cars or car rental business, DuDuJiaoChe chose to partner with car rental companies as the sector is relatively more mature, and most importantly, without too much regulation concerns as carpooling business does.

DuDuJiaoChe partnered with car rental companies to get access to their excessive cars, and then hire contracted drivers to pick up customers who book taxi through its app. DuDuJiaoChe profits by taking away a certain portion of revenue. Hence comes one of my biggest concerns, isn’t the startup turning into a traditional taxi company by doing so?

Compared with other O2O car rental services, DuDuJiaoChe differs from them in pricing, far less than their fare and a little more expensive than that of taxi. DuDuJiaoChe offers cars ranged across the board, from budget options to luxury cars.

On average, DuDu charges more money (RMB 10~20 yuan) than traditional taxi business, but it’s still acceptable.

Using DuDuJiaoche app to get a cab is fairly easy and driver will pick up customer at the appointed time and place, though you have to deposit some money into your account beforehand. Users can see the routes and the location of the DuDu taxi in the app.

Currently DuDuJiaoChe is a Beijing-based self-funded team staffed by 5, most of which are ex-Qihoo 360.