Ikamobile, the maker of a series of life service mobile applications, including Hotel Finder, Movie Finder, Car Finder and Train Finder – that’s a lot of finders – decided to integrate all those apps into one mega solution, so now we have Chumener.

 It is evident that those services are “outdoor” apps. While with so many services packaged together, booking task before and during the trip becomes decidedly easier. And with accumulated user data, Chumener then can make intelligent recommendations for you according to certain situations and purchase history. For instance, if you’ve booked a hotel in Chumener, after you get there, it might ask you if you want to see restaurants around the hotel.

Delivering so many functions in a package is no easy a task. By partnering with well-established service providers in different fields, Chumener itself just serves as an gateway to multiple outlets, thus service quality is guaranteed, i.e. Chumener partners with eLong in hotel booking sector.

For a startup, serving as a platform to attract users isn’t anything easy. But after building its user-base from a series of well-received applications launched previously, Chumener may have a higher starting point.

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