Event platforms have already developed into many branches, including aggregator that compiles events from all other sites and organizer where user can create, manage and organize their own events. Across those services, the crux of the matter lies in off-line social events in which users can greet each other face to face during participation, which means it’s better off to connect people offline.

IUV.NY, an event platform made its debut on September 1st of this year. One of its distinguishing features is that it commercializes the offline business. Let’s take a look at IUV.NY’s business model. For users, they can choose to join in various off-line events on IUV.NY; for event moderator, IUV.NY helps to promote their events online. IUV.NY itself organizes users to attend events held in brick-and-mortar stores after users have paid beforehand. It also helps instruct events and invite hosts to them. And they make money by taking away a portion of revenue generated through these offline events.

However, the founder, Zhang Yang, emphasized that IUV.NY differed from others in events quality. The team digs out high-quality partners that offer a wide range of good ones including bicycle racing, wine tasting, pottery making and dancing, etc. The startup even shoots short video to promote events and attract participants.

Given the site’s unique operating model, it’s no surprise that some investors have concerns on its scalability.

Currently IUV.NY is a self-funded team staffed by 6, based in Beijing.

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