As we covered before, Camera360 made several bold moves recently: like launching a new web-based product 52photo in June and a new cloud storage service for storing and sharing photos in August this year. And now Camera360 surprised us again with the release of two mobile applications, HelloCamera and XiuSe360.

HelloCamera comes with an amazing feature! It can recognize the shooting subject and environment automatically if you press the button ‘Auto’ in the app and make subtle adjustments accordingly, such as lightening the skin color when you shoot portraits and making beautiful sceneries more vivid when you take pictures of awesome landscapes.

HelloCamera has also integrated a bunch of effects under corresponding modes. By now, it contains 6 preset modes: Portrait Mode, Scenery Mode, Food Mode, Still-Life Mode, Night Mode and Normal Mode. And each mode has different effects. When you’re shooting a portrait, choose the Portrait mode and use your fingers to swipe left or right to choose the effect you want. It’s great progress because in the Camera360, with 100+ effects available, users might at loss in the face of so many fancy filters. After HelloCamero categorized different effects into modes, it’s becoming easier for beautification.

HelloCamera is mainly for shutterbugs, while XiuSe360 sharply targets on female users. Like MeiTuXiuXiu, it has beautifying effects for self-portraits, like slimming down face size, widening eyes, beautifying skin tone, etc.

Currently Camera360 and XiuSe360 are only available on iOS, $0.99 each. Gu Rui, CMO of PinGuo Digital Entertainment, the company behind the series of apps, said they would adjust pricing according to market feedback and cloud storage service would be added to these two apps respectively.

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