Suhehui, a newly-founded tech incubator in China just pulled curtain off the very first ten enrollees of its 4-months long boot camp. The Shanghai-based launchpad for startups selects promising projects twice a year, investing RMB 200k into them in exchange for a 8% stake in each of them.

Suhehui will also actively hunting new rounds for its graduates with a following RMB 800k infusion into projects it takes a like to.

 These ten enrollees, ranging from social networking services, ecommerce to enterprise-oriented projects, include:

1. WanZi Earth

WanZi Earth is a travel site focusing on finding local tour guides for its users, quite different from other online travel products. On WanZi Earth, you are likely to come across local citizens who are willing to guide you and experience genuine local customs with you. Launched in March, 2012, WanZi Earth now has about 600 local tour guides in over 20 countries. The product, according to its founder Song HaiBo, aspired to be the No.1 of amateur tour guide market.


DoNever is a college social network. Unlike Facebook and its Chinese clone RenRen, DoNever is a stranger-centric social service which allows you to know more classmates in your university.

According to the founder, what matters most is to make sure they have user base in every school. Currently, they are expanding its user base by promoting activities. It has already accumulated 300k users and is expected to reach 1 million users by the end of this year, almost 2000 users per school on average.

3、ShaLou Time

ShaLou Time is a UGC site which presents users’ pictures on fashion, travel, art design, food, etc. ShaLou Time intends to be a social shopping website where users can recommend things to friends and receive buying advice from friends which differs from those ecommerce referral sites like Meilishuo and Mogujie.

The website was once a photo sharing community dubbed ShaLou, with 100 PV at peak. ShaLou Time’s CEO, Qiang WeiYa was a young man at his twenties with a strong team.


 YiJin is an ecomm site with a clear target of women’s stockings, socking and underwear. Before they got started, the team did a market research and they found that almost all stockings are old-fashioned and of low-quality and the potential market in stockings is estimated to be around RMB 120 billion.

Zhu WenJian, CEO of YiJin said the team’s strength lies in distribution channels. They already have 9 e-stores, 13 distribution networks and 17 channels partnering with other business.


 YueTi is a social network for sports fans aiming at providing them with mobile, global and personalized service online and offline, such as information on sports games/brands/stadiums/equipment and sports activities. The founder has worked in the tech world for eight years and then stepped into the sports for three years.


Picktime is professional in multimedia interactive technology including AR, body-motion sensing, etc. Picktime once partnered with advertising company, offering users engaging interactive experience. It also launched its application, virtual dressing room, on Taobao.

Picktime plans to jump out the box of technology and partner more with online and offline carriers, such as replacing conventional billboards with interactive shop windows which can recommend passers-by with fashionable dressing and offer interesting games to people.


 DaZhuoZi, or DzzDesktop, is a cloud desktop which endeavors to replace native desktop. With integrated interactive system which allows multi-user, multi-location and multi-device operation, it’s becoming easier to manage more than just one desktop computers on a consolidated basis.

8、Mike CRM

Mike CRM (Customer Relation Management) aims to provide powerful business solution with a user-friendly and elegant UI for SME.


Magicrew aims at making video demos for Internet/mobile Internet developers so that their products are more vividly presented to investors or users. Its homepage contains a lot of videos produced by Magicrew, some are cute and some are really attractive, you may enjoy by yourself!

10. Jidao Game

Game developing.

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