Foursquare is now hacking into (or checking into?) Philippines this December with the all-day-long mobile application hackathon Foursquare Hackday Philippines, co-organized by Smart DevNet & WebGeek, both are programmers’ community in Philippines.

The event, charges PhP 1000 for one ticket or 200 for early bird discount starts on Oct.29, is to be held at Sadoce, 12/F Smart Tower, Ayala, Makati City on December 1.

Paul Pajo, developer Evangelist at SMART Communications said that one of the reasons they host such an event is because once an app was launched, no one ever remembers or cares who the developers are, and they want to highlight the fact that developers are the ones who actually do the dirty work to produce these apps.

Highlights about the event:

  • Form a two-man or a three-man team
  • 9 hours to develop a mobile app
  • programming languages, application frameworks, and development tools is up to everyone’s choices
  • apps will be evaluated according to Quality of Software Development(50%), User Experience/User Interface(20%), Innovation/Ambition(20%) and Quality of Pitch(10%)

You can also visit their website to check out more details.

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