Shanghai-based DDMap just secured its Series D round of financing from Citi Ventures and Alibaba, according to people familiar with the matter. DDMap, one of the largest Chinese life services website received US$ 40 million from a round led by F & H in this April. And the startup beefed up its team and ramped up its presence into more cities after the last investment to position itself in a better place in the market.

Some big guys, including Baidu and Tencent, kept tabs on the market as well. Baidu set up a new LBS Business Unit as a result of the reorganization of its map service, aiming to connect its online map service users and millions of local businesses. Tencent, leveraging on its stellar app Weixin, also ventured into the territory by integrating Weixin and life services via features like Weixin virtual loyalty program.

According to DDMap, DDcoupon, one of its series of life services apps, has already exceeded 13 million users. It offers more than 100,000 coupons in different categories that can be used at a wide variety of merchants in nearly 38 first- and second-tier cities in China.

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