ChinaAccelerator, a 3-month incubating program for Chinese TMT startups, just debuted its third batch of 8 startups in Beijing, these new companies, ranging from smart toys, China social networking service, taxi booking, matchmaking, social activity gathering, smarter web news reading to an easier and funnier way for Chinese children to study and play, are ready to attract further investments and beef up team for faster growth after “90 days of blood, tears and sweat”.

Here they come:

1 AppSpree (

The service, in a nutshell, is a cross-promotion solution for mobile apps via methods like free banner-ad exchange. In a rising smartphone world where apps are taking control, competition among app makers are just getting tougher. To draw on the team’s own experience, they worked fearlessly to ship Mad Dictionary, an Android-based mobile app, only to find it was buried under tons of similar offerings. Obscurity, according to the team, is the biggest problem for developers, and AppSpree is aiming to scratch the itch for them with the performance marketing solution.

2 Tuicool (

Ever since the burgeoning of online world begins the overwhelming information overload. Tuicool is an information intelligencer who aggregates and analyze news (mostly tech-related, according to it founder) across the web  delivers only those you’re interested to you. It’s like your personalized magazine. By choosing different topics, the service could learn and adapt to your tastes, or what they called “adaptive learning”.

For starters, it could crawls only those tech-related news sites. It’s business model is to recommend electronic products, ebooks, jobs and services to users and take a commission from every transaction.

3 ToyCloud (

Toys are evolving, from previous building blocks to now those batter-powered and radio-controlled. At the same time, software is taking over the toy world. ToyCloud, claimed to be a dedicated Cloud Platform and App Store for Toys that connects consumer and toy makers. By using their platform, more than 150k iOS developers can hands down make apps that can control toy helicopters, cars and so forth. Their revenue stream is three-folded: from selling their own apps, toys and developer SDK.

4 Weibo Agent (

One problem attributed to the falldown of foreign companies in China, is their inadequate ability to reach out to local consumers with low cost. Millions in zero influence out hurts. Weigo Agent, could help SMEs build their relationships, or so-called Guanxi in Chinese, on Chinese social media, like Sina Weibo. You can leverage social media in china to build, track and manage potential customer base. The service targets at B2B companies in supply chain, ecommerce, entertainment and logistics industry.

5 7colors  (

Their flagship product is a K12-learning platform, where kids can find carefully selected learning materials, cartoons, games and so on. It’s Parent Control feature could save children from hanging around too much on Internet. It’s currently available on PC and Android, with a freemium model that you can use it for free to access free materials or pay for a subscription see starting at RMB 59 per month or 799 per year to view and learn more stuff.

6 Quwanba (Register here)

The service touts itself as the Airbab for activities in China, where people can create and organize offline events from its web premise. Everyone can use it for free as long as the events you created are free, otherwise Quwanba takes a 10% cut on paid activities. They use social media like Weibo to acquire potential customers at how costs.

Quwanba would be launched in Shanghai in this month.

7 Hopcab (

Booking a taxi in Beijing in busy time could be the worst nightmare for you. Hopcab, an on-demand mobile and web-based taxi booking service by an all-female team want to help on that matter, with a strong focus on trust. The trust is built on mechanisms like up-front deposit, rating system and VIP program to foster a long-time trust between drivers and passengers.

8  Qiuqiu (Register here)

There’re over 180 million singles in China, traditionally, they resort to blind date, which is embarrassing, dating website, which is expensive, and dating shows, which is inefficient to solve the personal needs. Qiuqiu, the “ on mobile” is hoping to disrupt the market with its social matching feature. They use 5 data points to decide whether two people match, including: looks, mutual friends (the more the better), background, personal profile, zodiac and location. The basic service is free, but you can pay membership fee to unlock advanced features, also you can give virtual gifts to people you like on the platform. Virtue items work in Asia web.

Interested in fining out more about the program, or even want to apply for yourself? Check out their website here

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