Despite what we said before that “Chinese B2C warfare has been scaling up with a battlefield littered with DBs” and what we heard from venture capitalists and industry insiders that basically ecommerce startups were ditched by capitals, there still are some good news on ecomm-related startups’ funding coming through, one by one.

Yesterday we were briefed by DDMap that the Shanghai-based map service turned O2O dark horse raising a new round from Alibaba and Citi. While today, Mogujie, the Chinese Pinterest reportedly quietly walked home with a rumored RMB hundred million (approx. US$ 16 million) Series C round. The Hangzhou-based Pinterest-inspired service hasn’t responded to an email inquiry for comments from TechNode yet.

An anonymous Mogujie staff revealed that the site saw 300% growth in this year with stellar growth in users and traffics respectively.

Mogujie gave the curious outsiders a peek view into its operating data in this May be releasing an infographic on some of its critical data points, click here for more details.

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