GuoheAD Mix, the cross promotion platform for mobile games announced today a new initiative dubbed Mix Union to further facilitate China’s indie mobile gaming market. Partnering with ten top-notch independent mobile game developers, Mix Union is aiming to help budget-minded indie developers market their products at low cost and more efficiently.

Coupled with rapidly rising marketing costs as a result of the mobile gaming picking up, redesigned app ranking mechanism coming along with iOS 6 made it harder for indie developers to get more exposure to their games.

Reflecting on these problems, GuoheAD Mix initiated a Mix Union with some of the best indie mobile game teams to puzzle out the answers. Some small name developers have realized that they’d better partner with other teams to form a larger promotion union that could benefit all its participants by consolidating their users resources and marketing channels. Neo Zhang, founder and CEO of GuoheAD also believed that “cross-promotion has been applied to main stream use when coming to mobile games marketing.”

 You can check out the website to find out more about Mix Union.

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