Chinese B2C site 360buy launched digital music service ( today in a way to expand its digital offerings. The company has already been selling digital books since earlier this year.

The new services came along with client softwares (LeMusic) across multiple platforms like PC, Android and iPhone.

Most of the music on the website are priced at RMB 1.99 (US$ 0.3) or offered for free downloads. Songs are provided by a bunch of prominent Chinese record company. However, we found that the choices are quite limited.

One interesting feature of the service, is that it’ll store a copy of users’ purchased songs and song list in the cloud which people can always have access to. So even if you lose the local copy after reinstalling operating system or disastrous hard disk crash, you can still access to them on 360buy’s cloud server and redownload them for free.

screenshot of 360buy music site

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