Chinese mobile browser vendor UCWeb hit 100 million users on Android platform, making it the first 3rd party mobile browser worldwide to break the hundred million user mark.

An IDC statistics showed that in the third quarter of 2012, Android accounted for 75% of all smartphones sold globally while Android adoption is six times faster than that of iPhone’s. Riding on the rocketing growth of Android, UCWeb extended its firm grab on mobile arena from feature phone to smartphones, especially on Android front.

Also, a recent report co-published by UCWeb and DCCI (Data Center of China Internet), a Beijing-based Internet think tank, shared some insights into user behaviors on Android platform. Here’re some highlights:

  • Large screen adoption is fast on the rise this year, from 13.6% in January to 23.5% in October.
  • 3G & Wifi are now two major accesses to the Internet, taking up altogether 41.4% of the market.
  • As for Android users in China, 63.8% of them are male while 36.2% are female.
  • It’s notable that a majority of users (66.2%) are born after 1980, namely post 80s generation.
  • Mobile phones are indeed changing our living habits. 74.7% of users surf the Internet on mobile devices at home; 65.9% in office/school; 63.7% in commute; 81.2% users browse websites on mobile phones at bedtime.
  • When speaking of mobile browser, users value the ease of use most (63.67%), followed by save data traffic and clarity in navigation.

Another interesting finding from the report is that in China Samsung wins big while indigenous Chinese brands like Xiaomi are picking up. See picture below.

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