The proliferation of smartphone has given birth to a thriving app market with varied offerings ranging from productivity tool, games, travel booking service to entertaining apps, you name it.

These apps, of course are created by professional designers and developers after weeks and even months of around-the-clock hard work. It’s almost impossible for a computer rookie to product one’s own app for any purpose until the emerging of the likes of AppCan, Appbyme and Zhuixin, all are self-service platform to help people without design/programming experience to create, customize, manage and distribute iPhone/Android apps.

Appbyme, in particular, took the block building game further by revamping the service with more preset templates, streamlined use flow, easier sharing plugins and so forth.If you want your own app, just go to the website and create an account then you’re ready to go. All you need to do is to step 1) choose a template (for celebrity, picture-centric, online community, news forum, etc); step2) input some words and upload some pictures (app title, description, starting/loading pictures) and then step 3) generate the app.

In addition to producing the app, Appbyme can also help distribute your personal app to almost all major 3rd party Android markets in China, including Hiapk, Gfan, AppChina and AppHui, to name a few.

After its initial launch in this March, Appbyme now hosts more than 3,000 apps with over 8 million users of these apps and a DAU of 240k, according to James Zhao, founder and CEO of the company. He expects the platform to host more than 10,000 apps for more than 100 million users by next year. Zhao also noted that Appbyme is aiming to expand its tentacle to overseas market with Japanese market as the first stop. His mindset behind the expansion is that the star-admiring culture in Japan could be leveraged on to lead fans to use the service to make apps for their idols.

While making apps for celebrities is one typical use of Appbyme, some also used the service to curate other types of mobile apps that even caught VC’s eye. For instance, LvXinTianXia, an Appbyme-produced travel app was sought after by venture capitalists while they were on the look out for mobile travel communities, according to Zhao.

Appbyme is the second project of Beijing-based startup Mobcent, which was staffed by about 70 people while about half of which are developers. The company raised millions of dollars in its first round of financing last year and is currently in talks about its Series B round.

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