The remarkable RMB 19.1 billion revenue Taobao/TMall generated on November 11, or the so-called Double Eleven Single’s Day, alone is enough to lure traditional brands to its web premise. And TMall went on to raid other B2C platforms in China by providing dedicated B2C system for international brands with independent domain name and sophisticated ecommerce solutions catered for their needs.

TMall codenamed the new move “Channel Revolution 2.0”.

It’s evident that Tmall has the tendency to lean towards big brands. They benefited more from the platform compared with small-time players. Out of the Top 10 brands by revenue in the big sales on Nov. 11, 9 of them are big names.

Introduction of multinational brands could definitely help level up TMall’s product line-up. The largest Chinese B2C platform is adding 60 – 90 new merchants everyday, however most of which are small brands. TMall needs more brands that are being sought after by consumers to promote the overall image of its online virtual commercial property.

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