Burpple, the Singapore-based startup just revamped its food sharing app with more focus on “exploring” in this new version.

The social food journal targets people who take pictures before meals and share them across social media outlets, call it an Asian stereotype, but the truth is, lots of Asian people love sharing their dining experience with friends. The regional culture leads Burpple to its popularity among a lot of Asian countries.

The new version, which with an intensive focus on the experience of Exploring,  provided a real and trustworthy way to explore the food of the world through the experiences of friends, family and local experts. Users can now discover nice restaurants nearby or in the city one’s travelling to.

In addition to helping users explore nice places to eat at, the app also introduces a new way to connect like-minded foodies. You can now search from WeChat, Facebook, Twitter and iPhone address book to find friends.

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