The inaugural edition of MobiSparks, a unique conference and showcase of Indian mobile startups, ended on an energetic note in Bangalore over last weekend with over 300 attendees and sponsors including Sequoia Capital, Vodafone, One97 Mobility Fund and UK Trade and Investment.

An authoritative report, MobiSparks 2012, was also released at the event, featuring the Top 15 mobile startups and apps in India chosen by an expert selection committee.

“In the next 12-18 months we will see major global mobile startups emerging from India. Mobile remittances are big in India. Interesting problems waiting for innovative mobile solutions are discovery, healthcare, education, payments and enterprise mobility,” observed Mohit Bhatnagar, MD, Sequoia Capital India.

Hot mobile trends identified by the expert panel at MobiSparks include: home automation, personalised infotainment, commerce, local deal apps and healthcare.

On the other hand, MobiSparks adds to the YourStory’s annual lineup of startup showcases, which includes TechSparks, aimed at product technology startups that has run successfully for four editions, and e-Sparks, aimed at e-commerce startups that is one edition old.

The top Indian mobile startups picked at the event are: IQLECT, Grene Robotics, Visarity Technology, App Me In, SectorQube Technolabs, Uniphore, AstralPad, Rhapsody Labs, Jana Care, Remo Software, MintM Loyalty Services,, MobileCozy Solutions, and RainingClouds Technologies.

The leading mobile apps from India for 2012 are: Twaang, Hubbl, WooMe, LoReMo and PhonOn. There were also pitches by four new apps being recently launched: InTouchApp for contact management, DeckApp for making presentations from mobile devices,

Native5 cloud platform that allows development and management of apps, and Robotics-Live featuring robots controllable by smartphones.

Here’re some brief introductions of the startups listed above:


IQLECT is an Elastic Data Platform for Cloud. It aims to offer BigData buffer as solution for real time analysis of data.

– Grene Robotics –

Grene Robotics was founded in 2009 with a vision of being a global leader in remote monitoring and management solutions. Its primary objective is to assist organizations to effectively use their existing resources at the highest levels of productivity.

– App Me In –

App Me In is committed to building smart phone applications for enterprises. Automapic, the latest app developed by App Me In, has just been launched.

– SectorQube Technolabs –

SectorQube Technolabs has demonstrated the concept of “Android beyond Apps” and delivers customized Android powered electronic solutions.

– Rhapsody Labs –

Rhapsody Labs brings state of the art Computer Vision, and Computer Graphics research to realize the commercial potential of the new Augmented Reality Technology.

– Jana Care –

Jana Care is in the business of reversing “Diabesity” – the twin epidemic of diabetes and obesity, by embedding mobile technology with diagnostics and proven behavior change

– AirGol –

AirGol offers free iPhone and Android apps to allow users to capture Live vidoes and share them on Facebook with friends and family in real time.

– WooMe –

WooMe is an Instant deal App which can detect the ad or show people are watching or listening on Radio and push highly targeted Instant deals, Interaction & engagement to the Audience.

– LoReMo –

LoReMo is a smartphone application that is specifically designed to be an innovative approach towards customer loyalty and engagement for merchants.

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