Tencent’s eCommerce effort has been in a real mess for quite a while with a complex and disorganized string of subsidiaries, investment portfolios, brands and so on. They probably have also realized the disadvantages of confusing users with too much similar offerings. The company was rumored to ditches its B2C platform buy.qq.com (an effort to compete with TMall) and start using 51buy.com as its main B2C outlet.

And on a separate note, Tencent’s three group buying brands Gaopeng (JV with Groupon), QQTuan (own child) and FTuan (adopted child) would be merged and operated under Gaopeng brand, the other two brands also got ditched.

screenshot of buy.qq.com

Mecox Lane announced to set up a new JV Giosis Mecoxlane with Giosis Pte. Ltd. The Nasdaq-listed company’s share has been on a downward trend since listed in late 2010. It’s share now fell to the recent US$ o.55, on the verge of being removed from the stock exchange. The JV doesn’t seem to be a big help in booster Mecox Lane’s ailing business. Furthermore, Glosis operated an online market that sells almost anything while Mecox Lane used to be a dedicated online apparel vertical, the integrating process could be longer than expected and investors’ already limited patience could be wearing thiner.

Shanda restructured hardware arm to put more focus on mobile after the recent leadership change in its Guoke Electronics as CEO Guo Zhaohui reportedly tendered his resignation. After the restructure, anything related to Bambook, Shanda’s Kindle, would be turned over to Shanda Literature, while smartphone business would be injected – as subsidiary – into a new company called Zhangmeng Technologies founded by Shanda lately.

The restructure is part of a bigger effort in which Shanda tried to consolidate businesses scattered around its numerous subsidiaries to achieve more synergy among them.

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