We haven’t been mentioning Kaixin001 for quite a while, not because of our slackness, it’s just the company seemed to be dormant ever since Renren totally stole it’s thunder and its mobile offerings weren’t panning out very well last year.

And now even Renren got stuck in the “Weibo after shock”, Kaixin001 obviously wasn’t able to get back its momentum during short amount of time. Not without a bolder move and a new mindset.

Lately, Chen Binhao, founder and CEO of the company made some remarks on Facebook Kaixin001’s inspiration’s mobile advertising business applauding for its accuracy and effectiveness, signifying that Kaixin001 might be considering the same thing for itself.

According to a stats, in Q1 of this year, Facebook’s mobile ad revenue was nearly zero while in Q3 it accounted for 14%. Chen believed that Facebook’s mobile Sponsored Stories are more accurate and effective in terms of performance, and certainly delivered the social networking site’s social value on mobile front.

Cheng Binhao reflected that Facebook’s new advertising mode fully embodied the human-focused social value: the ad appears on a member’s Facebook page and generally consists of another friend’s name, profile picture and an assertion that the person ’likes’ the advertiser. Thus, the core node of data flow is humanized rather than computer generated context ads.

Kaixin has launched its app for iOS, Android and Windows, and is planning a new social app for parents. Facebook’s success may shed lights on Kaixin001’s operation of mobile ads. We just couldn’t wait to see the company revitalizes itself.

Chelsea Dong

She reads, travels, photographs and writes, with interests in chronicling China tech scene and interpreting how technology disrupts the way people live.

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