In an era of abundant social websites and user behaviors/data left behind everywhere, gold mining these data to better understand users, user relationships and user behaviors has long been the objective of many startups. LeSong is one of them. It’s a mobile application that can remind you of giving ‘timely’ gifts to friends when the app believes it’s about the time. Well of course based on its analyzing of your and your friends.

Lesong was developed by Beijing WeiZhiGuangJu Technology Ltd.. Established in 2012, the startup focuses on analyzing and mining social networking data and applying the results to fields like job search and e-commerce. Besides ‘Lesong’, they also has another social job hunting app ‘YouTuo’.

Lesong has launched on iOS. It aggregates users’ relationships on main social networking services in China ( like Sina weibo & RenRen). For example, you can add your Weibo or Renren account to the app and then it’ll get started analyzing your connections based on the interactions between you and your virtual buddies on the given social website.

To put it simply, It’ll stalk their ‘footprints’ left on the platform and then suggest you to give a physical gift to your friends whenever it sees fit, for instance, on occasions like holidays, birthday, festival, gradation day, job changing or even mood changing.

When you decided to give a gift to someone, you can directly order it from Lesong the app. It then serves like a vertical ecomm service for gifts.

Lesong is a great example of how applying user data into ecomm on mobile end. We see a chance of its feature being integrated into other B2c giants’ mobile clients, but as a standalone business, we’re not so sure if it could fare well down the road. Bottom line, the offline commerce part could be a burden for the tech-driven small startup.

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