Ever since Dr. Gang Lu reimagined Mobinode, his personal interests of chronicling China Internet, into TechNode, one of the most prominent China-centric tech blogs that went online from earlier 2011 on, our website has served up millions of visits through which words about and insights into Chinese startups/entrepreneurs have been spread worldwide.

Over the past almost two years, along on an amazing journey TN move forward together with numerous startups, we witnessed both exciting innovations and frustrating setbacks along the way, yet, success or failure, they all contributed to what makes China one of the most dynamic and energetic startup ecosystems on the planet. That’s what we call the tech evolution in China.

And now, in addition to just witnessing and dutifully typing in, we also felt the urge to experience and even become an integrated part of that evolution that makes China Internet what it is, that’s why we got the new website look and some new goals in the coming year. We call it TN evolution internally.

On the new look, we laid out several design philosophies while we’re gearing up for the refreshment, we wanted to create a delightful and lightweighted reading experience where our readers can do less while read more and we also want to minimize distractions to present a clean and awkwardness-free new design, other than that, we also expected to add a slight touch of China elements to the website because at the end of the day, China is all we talked about.

On the new goals, TechNode is on its way to become one of the most valuable places online where you can find timely and informative pieces covering every aspects about China Internet, ranging from startups, incubators, funding, ecommerce, mobile internet, new trends to literally everything that is China Web-related. We’re also aiming to organize more quality conferences and meetups where people could share thoughts and network with similar minds. Like the OpenWebAsia 2012 conference to be held over this weekend in Hainan and the upcoming ChinaBang in next year.

We hope and also believe that China will play a more and more important role in global market, and we feel it’s TechNode’s ability, responsibility as well as opportunity to bridge the gap between China’s and the world’s startup ecosystem. In the coming 2013, you will see TechNode’s presences in U.S. and Europe together with some of the best Chinese tech giants and startups. On the other hand,  more global super stars will also be entering China market via TechNode’s local platform too.

Stay tuned with us for more updates over here in the coming year, we’ll lead you to a more vigorous China Web.

Stay with TechNode, stay with China Web.

screenshot of TN new homepage

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