Facebook is good, but when it comes to privacy there comes the biggest problem. Realizing the catch, Facebook came up with thorough-thought and well-devised privacy controls to let you decide who sees what and who doesn’t see what. But there should always be an easier solution to everything, isn’t it?

And that’s when Korean startup Between comes to the rescue. The service – to quote Economist – is one of the trend of intimacy in social networking. Or we can actually also describe it as a trend of anti-social networking as the app actually bears the mindset of creating a dedicated online space for just two instead of accommodating a large group of strangers who don’t know each other at all.

After registering the service with your phone number, you can get connected with your girlfriend or boyfriend to keep track of every bit of your lives together by exchanging messages, sharing photos and even planning dates. Just like Edward Lee, founder of the app, said, Between is the most private communicating and archiving space.

According to Edward, Between adopts freemium model in monetization while paid users are entitled to more emojis and data backup service. Advertisers targeting at couples would also find the app a great place to do targeted advertising.

Between claimed more than 1.9 million downloads since its launch in last November. It’s available on both iOS and Android platform in more than 13 languages.

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