Founded in early 2010 by former mobile execs and engineers from Morgan Stanley, Enterproid’s flagship Divide platform provides cross-platform solutions to help you get the most out of your company’s BYOD policies without compromising your personal data and privacy.

The past few years have seen the picking up trend of BYOD (Bring Your Own Device), more and more companies choose to embrace the change and give their employees more freedom in working equipment choices, on the other hand, the adoption of BYOD could also bring down total costs for enterprises. There’s a catch to this however.

When it comes to the security, employers and employees are challenged with a trade-off: either the employer implement tighter control on personal devices in case of date breach, at the cost of employee’s total control over their OWN devices; or employee can use their own devices at their will, but at the cost of data security.

Divide’s solutions, are made to ensure that such a trade-off won’t be necessary. It has three catered solutions targeting at pros, SMEs and enterprises respectively. How does Divide work the charm to avoid the trade-off aforementioned?

With Divide, you can create a separate and secure work environment on your personal device, switching between “Working Model” and daily use model is just a matter of a touch. Divide baked some common office apps into its platform including Divide Mail, Calendar and Contacts, all of which are well-designed to fully replicate the native device experience so you don’t have to learn a new app all over again. For SME and enterprises, Divide’s solution offers up hassle-free implementation, cloud-based device management and enterprise-grade security to ensure cost-efficiency and across-platform consistency.

The company currently has offices in HongKong, New York and London that staffed by over 70 staff. It brought in a total of US$ 13 million from Google Ventures, Qualcomm and Comcast Ventures.

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