Unified communication can cost companies a lot, as a matter of fact, it’s a billion dollar industry that based mainly on costly and complicated hardware. Realizing the big burden for SMEs, Hoiio came up with the concept of Simplify Communications which is powered by a strong combination of business communications app instead of expensive hardwares to bring down the operating cost for small and medium-sized companies.

So what exactly is Simplify Communication? It’s Hoiio’s vision and mindset of equipping SMEs with affordable, SaaS (Software as a service) and subscription-based simplified communicating solution. By using Hoiios’s cloud apps including Main Line, Fax, Direct Line, etc), small companies could get rid of traditional communication system and save more on communicating cost.

Hoiio Main Line is the main number for you business, assign a hoiio number for Main Line and then you’re ready to go. All incoming calls to the Main Line would be answered automatically – by reading out the customized text you input beforehand – and then direct to whoever is concerned by direct the call to extensions.

Also, in case you miss out on any important calls, you can set up Missed Call Notification feature in dashboard. So if an incoming call isn’t being picked up then you’ll get a email notification. On the other hand, in an aim to help companies get rid of cold calls, you can block any numbers you want if need be.

In addition to these, Hoiio also offers up a feature that allows employee to call from their own devices while company pays for the call and customers get to see the company’s business number instead of the employee’s personal number.

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