Online shopping has become a choice for many, as exemplified by the online buying frenzy like the Cyber Monday in America or the Double-Eleven Day in China. People favor online shopping for a reason, it’s cheaper and sometimes more convenient compared to buy from brick-and-mortar stores. On the other hand, online shopping also has its catch. The experience of online shopping isn’t as good and as real as what offline stores could provide for customers.

Japanese startup PanoPlaza, one of the winners of this year’s OWA Awards, transforms online store to 3D panorama virtual shop that resembles the shopping experience in physic stores. You can virtually walk around in online stores created by PanoPlaza. Click on the clickable tags in the stores you’ll see the product detail, just like how you check out product information in offline stores.

PanoPlaza’s solution is a bless for traditional brick-and-mortar stores who now wish to enhance their online presence. Some department stores, like Daimaru and Tokyu are all partners of PanoPlaze.

PanoPlaze’s pricing plan comes in two forms, you can sign a contract-based one shot deal with them or subscribe to the service by paying monthly subscription fee and get more support from the team.

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