Infographic is one of the best examples of “a picture worth a thousands words” with the rising trend of data visualization. Spreadsheets filled with tons of unsorted and disordered can be very intimidating sometimes. Beautifully-designed and informative infographic, on the other hand, is very useful and efficient in conveying large amount of data in a way that doesn’t bore people away.

Piktochart, a Malaysia startup that aspires to “magically turn data into something more alive and understandable”, provides an easy solution to transform boring and scaring datas into infographics. By using its drag-and-drop intuitive tool, everyone can produce a professional-look infographic in less than 30 minutes. Its web kit includes a bevy of shapes, icons, vectors, fonts and colors to help you tell a vivid story with data.

The service also provides more than 100 preset themes to cater into as many needs as possible.

The startup is actually a graduate of the Dalian, China-based incubator Chinaccelerator in last October. As of now the service claims about 100,000 users and has pocketed a revenue of about US$ 200,000 ever since its monetization efforts began in this March.

It adopted a common business model of freemium, the free account is free but with limited access to 3 basic templates while paid account enjoys all templates and features.

After setting feet firmly in its home turf, Piktochart is now looking to overseas expansion with European and Latin American market as first stop.

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