Singapore-based startup Lotaris just announced to open their Lotaris in-appCommerce for Windows 8 Early Release Program today. The collaborative three-month program, available to the first 300 registrants, enables developers to keep 100% of their revenues for 90 days after account activation. The Lotaris service leverages Microsoft’s industry-first opportunity for developers to use a third-party commerce platform within the Windows Store and provides more control over mobile and PC app licensing and payments.

Lotaris is one of the leading mobile application licensing and transaction management for developers, independent software vendors and software publishers.

The Apple software/apps and Google Android ecosystem are enjoying their flourishes with Windows being left behind. Now with the launch of Windows 8, Microsoft is aiming to keep up to the game by facilitating the Windows 8 app ecosystem. Now, it’s Microsoft and Windows 8 app developers’ show time.

Lotaris in-appCommerce for Windows 8 offers app developers a compelling alternative to the Windows Commerce Engine, enabling direct user relationships and maximizing revenues with a full range of app licensing and payment functions. The service puts developers and ISVs in control of how they license and charge for Windows apps by removing the barriers to buying and giving end users the ability to license and pay for apps on any Windows 8 device – PC, tablet or smartphone – in familiar ways: subscription, usage- limited trials, time-limited trials, full-app purchase, and more.

Christophe Lienhard, COO of Lotaris commented that the recent success of windows 8 has given new impetus to the OS War as research shows that 10% of Windows Phone gamers spend more than $25 a month in the Windows Store, compared to just 4% on both iOS and Android. These ‘Whales,’ along with flexibility of the app licensing and payment business models enabled through the new Lotaris in-appCommerce service, offer great monetization opportunities for Windows 8 app developers.

As China being the one of the largest  mobile market worldwide, Chinese market will always be a focal point of Lotaris. For next year, the company would roll out its solution in Mandarin and include local payment channels (for eg. Alipay).

The company is currently staffed by about 30 in branch offices in Switzerland, Singapore, San Francisco and Tokyo.

If you’re currently developing for Windows 8, you can refer to a video or their website for more details.

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